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Moshi Moshi, Shimokitazawa

All worldly things are transitory, but is this piece of ancient wisdom still applicable to or even necessary for living in Tokyo? The novelist Banana Yoshiomoto invites us to enter the mindscape of a resident watching her beloved neighborhood undergoing large changes.
Banana Yoshimoto, translated by Sam Bett
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    Located in a historic residential area not far from the city centers of Shinjuku and Shibuya, this neighborhood, favored by the younger crowd, is a hotbed of subculture, boasting little theaters, music venues, and quirky vintage clothing shops.

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    Affectionate term for Shimokitazawa

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    This lively neighborhood in western Tokyo is home to creative industry giants like Studio Ghibli as well as jazz and rock venues serving a younger clientele. Like Shimokitazawa, it is surrounded by colleges and full of students.

  • Banana Yoshimoto is a novelist. Debuting with Kitchen in 1987 (English edition, 1993), she achieved worldwide popularity writing stories and novels such as Tsugumi (1992), Lizard (1995), Amrita (2001), and more recently Moshi Moshi: A Novel (2016). Her works have been translated and distributed in more than 30 countries. (year of English publication)